Spoiler: A LOT of questions
  1. Where there any slippery spots?
    Yeah this convo probably
  2. What is taking so long?
    Idk oil changes take time
  3. Having fun?
    Probably not tbh
  4. How do I unlock my video on my iPhone?
    Follow up: "it appears to be locked according to the kid sitting next to me"
  5. Can you record the Army/Navy game in dad's office?
    Well I don't live at home sooooo
  6. Dinner?
    Yeah sure why not
  7. BONUS DAD TEXT: sequence is 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. What is the pattern?
    You just add 2
  8. "Have you seen my ham mag?"
    Please tell me this is a magazine about ham
    Suggested by @kasey_johnson