In retrospect this isn't that weird because the cafe is right next to a college campus in Omaha, Nebraska, but it was a rush at the time!
  1. Oh the worker just left with a garbage bag
  2. Wait he's the only worker
  3. Wait I'm the only patron
  4. I'm the only person in here!
  5. Oh I'm sure the dumpster is v close
  6. Wow it's been a whole minute!!
  7. Can I refill my coffee???
  8. What if someone else comes inside, am I supposed to take their order??
  9. Do I work here now??? Where do I clock in??? Or is this one of those fill out the spreadsheet online after your shift places?
  10. What if I steal all of the bread?????
  11. Seriously it's been three minutes
  13. I could steal so much bread, I think I'm faster than the worker
  14. Oh wait my backpack will slow me down
  15. Alright no bread
  16. But what if someone else tries to steal bread??
  17. I am the guardian of Star Deli!!!
  18. Oh he's back from the dumpster
  19. Wow I probably should study for my final
  20. Uggggh I didn't refill my coffee 😢