I get a response probably a 0.00003% percent of the time so I'm proud of that!
  1. Jim O'Heir (Jerry/Gary/Larry/Terry Gergich) retweeted our group Parks and Rec Halloween costume photo
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    I agreed to be Lil Sebastian on the grounds that I didn't have to get on all fours but they obviously didn't last long!
  2. This conversation with Bubba Sparxxx before his concert
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    Yes I saw Bubba Sparxxx in 2014 but I won the tickets I promise!!!
  3. Hoobastank favorited this tweet
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  4. Ana Gasteyer favorited a tweet of me asking if she was in the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld
    She was!
  5. Kelly Oxford told me she wasn't bullying Kylie Jenner after I commented on an Instagram post that she shouldn't bully Kylie Jenner
    She was 17 at the time so I was an especially big Kylie defender
  6. I tweeted at a Grantland writer that my friend's friend saw Diem and CT from The Challenge making out at a bar in Nashville and I was referred to on a podcast as a "non-credible source"