Aka I have a problem and @babystevens is enabling it. Also I feel the need to preface that I watched this episode on the floor of the Phoenix Airport.
  1. I did some research before watching the episode to try and get a head start
  2. Things I discovered:
  3. 1) the couples/cousins are Alexis and Andrew from South Carolina and Grace and Dylan from Tennessee
  4. 2) Andrew was in jail during the show for burglary
  5. 3) I found the info about his arrest:
  6. 4) Having his full name and hometown led me to a Facebook which was very private if it was actually him
  7. 5) Nothing yet from Alexis or the other couple
    One of my longest google searches ever: "Dylan and Grace true life cedar hill Tennessee Instagram" and no results????
  8. Now I have started watching:
  9. "There's nothing in the Bible that says you can't marry your cousin, I googled it" well they didn't know about recessive genetic disorders then, Alexis!!!
  10. Alexis "started hanging out" with her cousin after an early bf broke up with her, don't you hang out with your cousins on Thanksgiving??
    What's that, today's youth? Hanging out means something different now?? Ok ok ok
  11. A brother/cousin with a unique name, this is going to be easier than I thought
  12. Found Alexis's Facebook and therefore found her name
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  13. 5:16 into the episode: one found
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  14. Alright let's get to the next couple...
  15. Grace and Dylan are not accepted by their family and they're trying to move to LA to get a new start
  16. His beard is ENORMOUS
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    It doesn't fit in the photo!!!
  17. Ugh this one is going to be hard without a last name
  18. Mom named Lisa = not helpful
  19. They blurred out the license plate/wouldn't know what to do with that anyway sooooo
  20. I'm currently searching the names of the children for birth announcements but haven't found anything
    There was a Liam Zayne born in Louisiana though!!!!!
  21. There's no way 800-1000 dollars for rent for a family of 4 moving to LA is reasonable, right??
    They'll pay $1100 for a view of the Hollywood sign though!
  22. Their car broke down in Phoenix (hey I'm here now too!) which sucksssssss
  23. Wow they are so happy to be at the beach, so amazing such a great scene
  24. Last ditch effort: search all of Alexis's followers to see if she knows Grace
    No luck
  25. No luck finding Grace on social media, unfortunately
  26. Final thoughts regarding the project:
  27. 1) the two stories are extremely unique and also heartbreaking considering all of the struggles they are going through to be with the person they love
  28. 2) why am I not a private investigator? Maybe if I find the second couple I'll change my career path
    Special skills section of my resume: I may or may not have found most of the people from Making a Murderer in Facebook last week soooooo