Now we can book those trips and sign those leases and buy those electronics!!!!!!!!!
  1. We had another "celebrities die in threes" with David Bowie/Alan Rickman/Glenn Frey
  2. Current unclear status regarding the 🆔 hiatus
  3. A Minnesota Vikings loss on an easy field goal
  4. Major communication issues regarding friends from college being in town but not being able to meet up
  5. Soooooo much snow ❄️❄️❄️❄️
  6. My friend got mad at me on my birthday while Mercury was retrograde!!
    Suggested by @kasey_johnson
  7. Got fourth place at trivia and only the first three get prizes
    Suggested by @kasey_johnson
  8. Twitter stopped sending me notifications when the members of 🆔 tweet
    Suggested by @kasey_johnson
  9. I failed to respond to a lot of texts
    This is for sure mercury's fault
    Suggested by @kasey_johnson