I'm no @rachaelray, but I don't think any of the girls are named after real spices!! Well Wikipedia says ginger is "widely used as a spice or a folk medicine," but 1/5 is still not a good result. So here are my suggestions for renames when they're brought out of the rack with the reunion tour.
  1. Bay leaf
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    A bay leaf will bring a lot of flavor to a dish, but it doesn't get the recognition it deserves because it gets removed from the final product. Hopefully we all acknowledge that Mel C, as the best singer, is the core of the group even if she is sometimes the forgotten member.
  2. Anise
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    A powerful flavor that is either revered or detested by all, just like Geri. (Btw I dislike both...)
  3. Nutmeg
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    Emma is definitely an infant, so I don't want something that would be overpowering for a baby. Still a very clutch spice though.
  4. Cinnamon
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    Well this is obviously Mel B. A wonderful spice loved by all, but overuse can have terrifying consequences.
  5. Saffron
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    Saffron is extremely fancy and looks beautiful, but it honestly gives an underwhelming contribution to the meal. Unfortunately this describes Victoria's involvement in the Spice Girls as well.