1. Boys with blonde hair parted in the middle
  2. Boys who were the best player in the middle school basketball team
  3. Boys who did the "suck it" hand motion from wrestling
  4. Boys who wore puka shell necklaces and gelled their hair spikey
  5. Boys who wore too small band tees and got them at Hot Topic
  6. Boys who did the hair flip to get their emo bangs away from their face
  7. Boys who wore their hoods up even when indoors
  8. Boys who were Seth Cohen-esque Jews
  9. Boys who made Mix CDs
  10. Boys who wore vests with jeans
    See also: Boys who wore button downs and skinny ties with jeans
  11. Boys who can play a John Mayer song on guitar
  12. Boys who liked Garden State
  13. Boys who can't grow facial hair
  14. Boys who read comic books but didn't super look like the kind of boy who reads comic books
  15. Boys with sharp jawlines and stubble and drank beer from bottles and not cans
  16. Boys who wore vans and rolled up cuffs
  17. Boys who have vague quotes or simple captions on their barren social media profiles
  18. Boys who wear glasses sometimes
  19. Boys who probably took a class at UCB
  20. Boys who have less than 3 roommates or live alone
  21. Boys who think they know a lot about coffee
  22. Boys with dogs