Inspired by @cvlop61 and @andersun
  1. 1) Bought a brand new car.
    Only used so far.
  2. 2) Run a marathon.
    Nope. Not going to happen. If I run that far I want to be in a different place when I'm finished.
  3. 3) Ridden in a hot air balloon.
    I'm not into dangling from strings so balloons, bungee jumping, parasailing all out.
  4. 4) Been to Africa.
    I would love to see the Great Migration on the Serengeti.
  5. 5) Skied
    I know! I know! I was born in Santa Fe and I've never skied. I don't like being cold or falling or sliding so it didn't seem like a good fit.
  6. 6) Attended a televised awards show.
    This I totally want to do! I don't care if I am in the tippy tippy top of the theatre. Definitely on the bucket list.
  7. 7) Jumped out of a plane.
    See #3 above.
  8. 8) Been to New Orleans.
    Definitely on the bucket list.
  9. 9) Finished reading Anna Karenina or War and Peace.
    Character flaw
  10. 10) Eaten lamb or veal.
    Can't do the baby animal thing except eggs I guess.