Inspired by @Boogie @justjills @tyle
  1. Princess Diana: I was camping and my dad said she'd been in an accident. I swear that time stopped for a minute. So young and with so much to give the world. Then the funeral with Elton John singing Candle in the Wind? Devastating.
  2. John F Kennedy Jr: I remember watching the news and the next day Good Morning America had Sarah McLaughlin playing "Angel." I was bawling.
  3. Michael Jackson: We heard several Michael Jackson songs on the radio but the announcer said Farrah Fawcett had died. We got to a swim meet and someone said Michael Jackson had died, and I couldn't believe it.
  4. Robin Williams: We had the same birthday so I felt a connection to him. I was driving and heard the news and had to pull over because my eyes were full of tears.
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  6. George Carlin: I'd just seen him perform the month before. I felt like a friend had died.
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  8. Prince: My son texted me "did you hear about Prince?" and I was like why? I drove to another high school and turned on the radio and every single station - pop, hip hop, oldies - was playing a Prince song. It still breaks my heart that he didn't know how beloved he was - could he have imagined they'd light the Eiffel Tower purple in his honor?
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