1. Cat (age 4 and 34 - sometimes you run out of ideas)
  2. Cinderella (age 6) in a plastic mask with little holes in the nose you were supposed to "breathe" through.
  3. High school band student (in college even though I was not in band in high school so I guess I should say high school student in stolen band uniform)
  4. Bag of M & M's - twice! Reduce reuse recycle!
  5. Boy George - BEST COSTUME EVER. Karma karma karma karma chameleon.
  6. R2D2 as part of a group costume. It is amazing what you can do with a white trash can and some stickers.
  7. Hippie - yes that was a slow year.
  8. Oscar award winning actress complete with gold - sprayed tin foil Oscar.
  9. Glinda the good witch as part of a group costume. Dodged a bullet on the Dorothy part.
  10. Lady Macbeth complete with "bloody hands." Side note: "bloody hands" remained for several days after Halloween despite numerous hand washing causing strange looks at grocery store.