1. Prior to 1920's
    "Will you marry me?" "Yes!"
  2. 1920's
    "You're the bee's knees and cat's meow, baby! Will you go down the middle aisle with me? "Ab-so-lute-ly!"
  3. 1930's
    "Will ye marry me even though I be dirt poor?" "Indeed, I'll be dirt poor with thee!" (10+ children follow)
  4. 1940's
    (Only known each other two weeks) "You're the killer diller, babe. Wanna get hitched?" "Jeepers! Yes!" (Off to war and never saw each other again.)
  5. 1950's
    "I'm real gone on ya, baby, and I got you a giant rock. Waddya say?" (Squeals) "Oh (insert name) yes! Ramma lamma ding dong!"
  6. 1960's and 1970's
    "I dig you. Wanna shack up?" That's cool, man. Groovy."
  7. 1980's
    "It's a nice day for a white wedding?" "Yeah!"
  8. 1990's
    "You're my lobster. Will you marry me?" (After a break) "Yes!"
  9. 2000's
    "Will you accept this final rose?" "Of course!"