Or, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, Right?"
  1. Is this a precursor to "June Gloom"?
    Related: June Gloom could also be the name of Debbie Downer's climatic cousin
  2. What do the animals think?
    This must be a confusing day for LA's Pomeranian population
  3. This must be really exciting for meteorologists
    I like to imagine days like these are the Super Bowl for LA weathermen and weatherwomen. After persistent neglect everyone is suddenly watching them
  4. If other cities have "bike sharing," can LA adopt "umbrella sharing"?
    It wouldn't even have to be formal. I once met an Uber driver, or quite possibly an angel, who bought cheap umbrellas at yard sales and handed them out to his passengers.
  5. Is everything still open today?
    Post office, library, In N Out, etc. It feels like these places might be closed if the sun doesn't come out
  6. Do kids in LA ever have indoor recess?
    If not, where and how do they learn to play Connect 4?