Some of this is business as usual for yours truly but I'm always working on getting better and adding more creativity, positivity, and happiness to my life
  1. Read 45 minutes of the book "Extreme Ownership". One of the best books I've ever read.
  2. Meditated for 10 minutes
  3. Turned on my Christmas Tree lights to add more positivity and beauty to my morning
  4. Watched SportsCenter on mute 2.5 times in the background
  5. Made 17 free throws in a row at the gym
  6. Worked out at the gym until I almost threw up (this certainly isn't the norm)
  7. Worn 2 different hoodies
  8. Listened to Tim Ferriss podcast with Jamie Foxx and got super inspired to create greatness
  9. Wrote my Morning Pages of what's on my mind
  10. Been outside twice (which is a positive for someone who works at home)