Yeah, it's actually cool now.
  1. Zombie Burger
    Duh - it's hamburgers and the undead. Plus they have shakes with Frooty Pebbles.
  2. Raygun
    Yes, we have one in Iowa City, but not like this. I want to buy every shirt in that place. I also want to buy the notebook that says "I'm probably just drawing cartoon penises"
  3. Proof
    One of the best restaurants I've ever been to. I went there last night and had pretty much the best waitstaff I've ever experienced. At one point the woman even goes "John's grocery? I love John's grocery!"
  4. Exile Brewing
    I've been to this place twice now-once with my family and once without and both times it was delicious. I love Ruthie. Any beer with a pinup girl on it holding a pint glass on her bosom can't be half bad.
  5. Not Terry Branstad
    Yeah-that douche bag still lives here.