These things were left out of episodes of Weekend Buzz, not for censorship reasons, but due to time limits, technical glitches, non-linear storytelling, etc. This list will be a work in progress, as I can't remember it all at once.
  1. Pat Duffy explaining why his parts in the Plan B videos after Virtual Reality were not up to par ... Admittedly too much partying.
  2. Tim Gavin told a great Henry Sanchez story and I forget what it was (been over 3 years now) but I remember being sad it was left out.
  3. Clint Walker explaining how someone pranked David Loy on a tour many years ago by jacking off into his shampoo bottle. David did indeed use the shampoo after this.
  4. Mike Carroll explaining how when he created a fictional Instagram drug bender a few years back that Erica Yary was the only person who called him worried about it.
  5. One time Erica moved on her chair and a funny fart noise came from it. Not a fart, it was the chair ... But super funny and someone drew attention to it on the air and we all had a laugh.
  6. The first test episode was w/ Dan Murphy/Mike Sinclair. Dan told a story how a gal he was dating left him at a bar for Dylan Rieder, who just happened to show up while on a skate tour & wasn't aware she was w/ Dan. Then Dan said, "Has anyone cried on this show yet?" Laughing, I replied, "This is the first episode!" That shoulda been our trailer.
  7. Our second test episode was with Sal Barbier/Rob Welsh. I recounted a story how one time when I was a kid skating the Newburgh, NY skatepark, Ricky Oyola was there. I accidentally cut him off & he called me a bitch & I was bummed. For the rest of the taping Sal & Rob followed up nearly every line I said with, "Because you are a bitch!"
  8. When SNL star Kyle Mooney was on the show (random right?) he was still new to the cast and we talked a bunch about some cool SNL stuff but ultimately it was omitted because he had to be careful talking about SNL as a new guy and the week before their big 40th anniversary special earlier this year.
  9. Tom Remillard walking off during his first appearance.