1. Back to the Future.
  2. Posting things on social media about Back to the Future.
  3. Jigowatts
  4. People who post things about Back to the Future.
  5. Deloreans
  6. Partaking in Back to the Future social media hype because I feel scared I won't fit in or be part of the fun or miss out on social media engagement.
  7. Hoverboards.
  8. Products that were strategically timed to capitalize on today's date being from Back to the Future.
  9. Marty McFly.
  10. What did or did not come true from Back to the Future.
  11. Doc.
  12. Huey Lewis and the News
  13. Anyone who can't acknowledge they fell victim to the BTTF fever today or actually gets saddened by this list.
  14. Biff.
  15. People who will say "But I've ALWAYS been into Back to the Future"! That's what everyone says about The Smiths too.