The Over/Under

Thank you to @nathanveshecco for the inspiration! I'm thinking I'm going to be a bit of a hater today tough...
  1. Paul McCartney - just right
    He's fucking Paul McCartney. I don't love everything he's ever done, but you'd have to know nothing about music to think he's overrated.
  2. The Voice - Overrated
    It's perfectly serviceable, and I even watched most of the first season. But the only halfway decent part is the conceit in the opening weeks, after that it descends into just another singing competition, and while the judges are plenty entertaining, it isn't half as compelling as Idol was at its peak.
  3. Taco Bell - just right
    I mean, the general opinion is just right assuming you travel in the circles who think it's absolute shit and should only ever be consumed after high amounts of alcohol. I did make the mistake of consuming it not long ago. And was quickly reminded of why.
  4. Valentine's Day - Overrated
    Corporate greed at its best. Also, I'm perpetually single whenever it comes around. It's probable that affects my opinion.
  5. Baseball - Overrated
    It's the most pointless & boring sport of life, second only to golf (for those who actually consider that a sport. Just no.