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post-senior year summer plans (thus far)
  1. Graduation
    peacing out of high school
  2. Freshman Orientation
    @ umass :)))))
  3. Grad Party
    this is gonna be lit im getting my friends band to play and just party in my backyard w/ the homies
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in order of how much i fuck with them
  1. UMass Amherst
    heaven on earth im so in love with this school it is my first, second, and third choice i could make an entirely separate list of why UMass is wonderful
  2. Hampshire College
    NO GRADES!!! A really neat place centered around the individual's learning experience. I love the campus and the vibe is stellar
  3. UVM
    Located in the dope city of Burlington (where Bernie used to be mayor). Excellent programs for my major with a cool campus personality.
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  1. AP Environmental Science
    the teacher is dope and i love the material but nevertheless i am struggling (on the up side i am learning a lot about soil)
  2. Internship
    I'm an intern for a teacher I had sophomore year and she never has me do anything so i just do homework in the library and look at the small shark in the fish tank
  3. AP European History
    my favorite class; ridiculously easy and the teacher is incredibly generous with deadlines, quality of work, etc
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  1. got a reputation for yourself now
    everybody knows and I feel left out
  2. started wearing less
  3. going out more
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  1. just chillin w tyler joseph :)
    i was so close
  2. loved bio
  3. me (if i had my septum pierced)
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I'm constantly reading something for AP Lit and have no time to read for pleasure so I have a pile of books collecting dust in my room. Please suggest some of your favorites.
  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
  2. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles
  3. Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term Travel by Rolf Potts
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these are still jams
  1. Time to Pretend // MGMT
  2. Take a Walk // Passion Pit
  3. The General // Dispatch
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in order from least to most terrifying
  1. cops
  2. conservative teenagers
  3. the dentist's office
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  1. Bring Me the Horizon, The Wonder Years, The Story So Far @ The Xfinity Theater, Hartford
    i was a freshman okay
  2. Noah and the Whale @ The House of Blues, Boston
  3. Zach Deputy @ Toad's Place, New Haven
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  1. a night at the hookah bar
  2. those dope circular sunglasses from Faces I keep losing
    this will be pair #3
  3. an eighth
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