in order of how much i fuck with them
  1. UMass Amherst
    heaven on earth im so in love with this school it is my first, second, and third choice i could make an entirely separate list of why UMass is wonderful
  2. Hampshire College
    NO GRADES!!! A really neat place centered around the individual's learning experience. I love the campus and the vibe is stellar
  3. UVM
    Located in the dope city of Burlington (where Bernie used to be mayor). Excellent programs for my major with a cool campus personality.
  4. URI
    its near the beach and the campus is beautiful
  5. Kent State
    my boss went here and it sounds sick but its in ohio which makes me nervous because I feel like that's a notoriously boring state
  6. UNH
    focused on my major, party school??? but weed isnt decriminalized lmao so idk if i could spend four years here also I feel like there are a lot of cops around
  7. AIC
    the campus is in a boring neighborhood and it's ugly as shit but i have the opportunity to win a full scholarship in a model congress competition