1. AP Environmental Science
    the teacher is dope and i love the material but nevertheless i am struggling (on the up side i am learning a lot about soil)
  2. Internship
    I'm an intern for a teacher I had sophomore year and she never has me do anything so i just do homework in the library and look at the small shark in the fish tank
  3. AP European History
    my favorite class; ridiculously easy and the teacher is incredibly generous with deadlines, quality of work, etc
  4. Honors Genetics
    fuck this class i regret taking it im actually shocked at how difficult some of the material is for me im just not grasping it like when the fuck am i ever going to need to know what a zygote is
  5. AP Microeconomics
    f u c k this shit i shouldve known a class about the principles of capitalism would be awful and challenging i just really hate this class
  6. Precalculus
    what even is this shit this is my worst grade so far i HAAAAAATE math i honestly couldnt even tell you what we're learning
  7. AP Literature and Composition
    the teacher is wonderful and kind and i feel informed but my god the workload is atrocious