1. Dinosaur Jr.
    I could jam to any of J Mascis incredible tunes anyday.
  2. Manchester Orchestra
    The type of band you go and see over and over again.
  3. I Am the Avalanche
    Stage presence to the max, and killer lyrics.
  4. Rush
    Still the best trio modern music has seen. Try not to play air drums I dare you.
  5. Alice In Chains
    Killer wag riffs for days.
  6. Cartel
    Great way to spend a first date with the girl you marry.
  7. Eve 6
    Probably the best sing along show there is.
  8. Bullet for my Valentine
    Lively crowds are a blast. Gotta love some friendly moshing
  9. Deerhunter
    It felt like flying through space and time.
  10. Modest Mouse
    Bringing the soundtrack of my teenage years to life was amazing.
  11. Polar Opposites
    I had a great view of the crowd while I sang and played
  12. Taking Back Sunday
    Let's me get all angsty and nostalgic.
  13. Panic! At the Disco
    Vocals that blow my mind.
  14. Coheed and Cambria
    Intricate and incredible performance that matches their recording energy
  15. Rise Against
    Gotta have some punk jams
  16. Andrew W.K.
    It was a party!
  17. Bayside
    Because they play like madmen.