1. Playing Heroes III
    All night while mom was out of town
  2. Corn Destruction
    Some things just don't want to grow
  3. Sawtooth Hiking
    Helping me out with a pack larger than I was
  4. Mail order chickens
    The best way to order your kids farm animals is the USPS
  5. Pool construction
    It was always fun leveling the sand
  6. Whitewashed
    Things get crazy during a snowball fight
  7. Boise Hawks
    First stadium experience and real taste of beisball
  8. Backpacking again
    It's more fun when dad doesn't have to worry about you collapsing
  9. Dutch oven treats
    Nothing better than the triple layer pizza!
  10. Horse shoes and service projects
    APC going together every year was awesome
  11. Lord of the Rings
    Reading and watching together
  12. Risk
    Had to hide the board so the small ones wouldn't mess it up
  13. Building Legos.
    "I thought building them was playing with them"
  14. Rock n roll car rides
    What better time to learn about the important classics
  15. Happy silver flowers
    Always let me help pick out fireworks. Usually is went pretty well, and I have all my fingers.
  16. Labradors
    Would I have known they are the best dogs if it wasn't for him
  17. Lawnmowers
    He was sure to motivate me to tackle my nemesis
  18. Enlisting
    Showing support for my 8 year contract
  19. Correspondence to Mexico
    Letters that kept my spirits up and my focus on the important things.
  20. I can't remember early years
    But I'm sure those were great too.
  21. Bedtime stories
    The made up and altered fairy tales of my childhood
  22. Angels, board games, books, and movies
    A good friend now that I'm kind of an adult.
  23. Grandfather times
    Great with my firebrand of a child