1. Eating something that has touched the ground
  2. Wearing clothes over and over again
  3. Not showering for up to 5 days straight
  4. Eating in my bed
  5. Masturbating in public (discretely)
  6. Privileging immobility over getting out of bed to brush my teeth/remove my mascara/urinate
  7. Borrowing someone else's used towel
  8. Picking up an item at the store, then deciding I don't want it and hiding it/misplacing it somewhere extremely far from its original location out of laziness
  9. Public burping
  10. Reusing train tickets if I think I'll get away with it
  11. ***thinking*** about eating the food scraps that someone has abandoned at a restaurant before they are bused away
  12. Psychologically abusive prank calling
  13. Ordering off the kids menu
  14. Undertipping (sometimes)
  15. Throwing away recyclables if the trash is closer
  16. Leaving a ton of dishes in the sink
  17. Double dipping