1. Make rice
  2. Water my succulent
  3. Roll a joint
  4. Basic multiplication
  5. Cut my own bangs
  6. A pull up
  7. Psychedelics
  8. Watch black and white films without falling asleep
  9. Make out checks
  10. Live with conviction
  11. Sit through a family dinner
  12. Parallel park
  13. Determine the right orientation of fork knife and spoon
  14. Keep produce
  15. Save quarters for laundry
  16. Self checkout
  17. Paint the nails on my right hand
  18. Wear white without rocking a stain
  19. Say bye to people before leaving a social space
  20. Shave my legs without cutting myself
  21. Put on a bra without hooking it first
  22. Swim