1. Hiking
    Why make walking difficult?
  2. Wine
    It tastes chemical
  3. Bluetooth
    No call is that important
  4. Cards Against Humanity
    Let's play this because we clearly can't be funny organically!
  5. The Beach
    Hot, crowded, tedious.
  6. Reality TV
    I'd rather watch local access
  7. Kombucha
    Y'all aren't fooling anyone
  8. Sleeping past 10AM
    I'll sleep when I'm dead
  9. Costco
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  10. Crop Tops
    Call me reserved - crop STOP
  11. Chia Seeds
    A frog just laid eggs in my mouth!
  12. Sims
    I witnessed my best friend in 5th grade make the sim of the boy she liked have sex with her and now I feel pathetic every time I play
  13. South Park
    I never laugh
  14. Mixed drinks
    They're too sweet. I'm a beer girl.
  15. Twitter
    Vain/contrarian. I'm bad at it.
  16. Waffle cones.
    Plaster, helloooo. Sugar every time
  17. Trying things on
    It's too much effort. I also get anxiety bringing the items to the changing room person because I think they are judging me and my aesthetic.