1. Opening a new roll of toilet paper and having it rip into multiple strands mid use
  2. Finding out that you accidentally double-tamponed and having to pull them both out of your vagina like a clown pulling ribbon out of his mouth
  3. Mistaking the shampoo for the conditioner
  4. Pulling a Lizzie Maguire and effectively dismantling the shower curtain while a remote control car films the entire thing
  5. Clogging someone else's toilet and having no one to blame it on
  6. Taking a dense shit and having the toilet water splash back up and graze your ass (I.e "Poseidon's Kiss")
  7. Cell down the well
  8. Leaving track marks on the toilet bowl and totally incriminating yourself
  9. Opening the door on someone in a public restroom
  10. Pooping so hard you see little specks of light and worrying you'll faint