I've kept this list for at least 3 years, and I've long fantasized about using these as writing prompts, but I'm not a writer. I would be so pleased if someone wrote a story around one of them, but also I just like them for what they are, humanoids being humanoids, etc etc.
  1. "You have OCD. You're crazy."
    Guy on phone in a gourmet food shop
  2. "I hate that feeling, like when I can't control my eyeballs..."
    Girl to other girl in the auditorium of my former school
  3. "She wasn't even kissing it in a sexy way, come on."
    Girl in the dining hall of my former school
  4. "What happened to 'My money is your money,' huh?"
    Creepy guy to other creepy guy on the boardwalk in my hometown, at night
  5. "What a nutbag. Reminds me of my ex wife."
    CVS worker stocking goods in a CVS
  6. "Let me tell you something, if they don't agree with your face..."
    Young aspiring-model-looking guy with intense Italian accent talking to other young aspiring-model-looking guy
  7. "So I told her, befriend your local fire department..."
    Lady to other lady at a farmers' market
  8. "Well guess what? I don't buy new shirts. I buy used shirts."
    Hip young guy to other hip young guy in Somerville
  9. "Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks. Which is true."
    Two tween girls drinking overpriced juice, speaker reading the first sentence from an iPhone
  10. "Are they/there lesbians?" (indistinct)
    Someone in the middle of a horde of dudebros exiting an eatery at my current school
  11. "We're about to hug and both of us pause..."
    Girl to other girl in the CHCRC
  12. "You can't say that about ME cus I'M a social butterfly,"
    Very loud woman in a dining hall
  13. "...a denim jacket and a leather jacket..."
    A boy wearing a denim jacket and a leather jacket, walking and talking with a man I assumed was his dad...probably my favorite on this list.
  14. Guy #1 "Tim, you got a snapchat." Guy # 2 "Oh, that's too bad."
    Spoken as Guy #2 skateboarded away from Guy #1
  15. "That's good." "No, not good scary like weird scary." "...that's good."
    Bemused mustache guy and concerned lady, both dining hall employees
  16. "We were making out in front of the bar in front of everyone, in front of his sister, and Sarah..." "His mom?!?" "No, his mom went home."
    Some girl to other some girl in CHCRC
  17. "Look, I've been tellin' you I've been a screw-up this entire semester..."
    Guy in a red jacket (why do I remember that) on the phone walking past the health center
  18. "The only light skinned Santa in his area..."
    Girl to other girl, walking by the lacrosse field. 99.9% sure I heard this correctly.
  19. "Greased up...." "That thing was like so slimy and so greasy..."
    Two dudes in CHCRC, said more or less at the same time
  20. "Because capitalism." "I know that. The Coca-Cola whatever."
    Mother and daughter? In the waiting area at the pharmacy. Forget who said which.
  21. "The bear the fox and the rabbit, the bear the fox and the rabbit, over and over..."
    Lady in (???? I never finished)
  22. "Yo my grandparents are like the most disobedient people I've ever met."
    Girl on the Lucky Star bus to NY. Another fave.
  23. "GO GET THE BAGS!" "You didn't tell me...!"
    Man who appeared to knee his son in the back as they practically ran from the bus terminal
  24. "I embarrass them with my reviews on Amazon."
    A lady who works at my doctor's office
  25. "This class is not good for my morals."
    Didn't write down what class it was or where I heard it...
  26. "Well that will never happen again. Cus we learned from that."
    Surprisingly clear-headed thought from a drunk fuck outside my window at home
  27. "...who has gained so much weight since coming here, and she like, doesn't even do homework anymore..."
    Guy to his pals in the cafe outside my building last year. Have a heart, bitchy guy. Geez.