Inspired by @louisa_rd
  1. You were the principal's daughter and I was up for the challenge
  2. You were my friend first -- the way I learned to like it
  3. My mother's dream: Chinese and smarter than me
  4. Heartbroken for the first time because you wouldn't be calling anymore
  5. We made a mistake and I changed forever after, but I should thank you for bringing me to my knees
  6. We were friends, I abandoned you, you forgave me, and then the rest of high school was spent by your side
  7. You roll your eyes but you had my head spinning (again and again and again)
  8. The moment that took ages to happen and then quietly passed away
  9. You probably don't remember but I'll always remember the tailspin you sent me on
  10. I was scared it was lust so I didn't try hard enough to make it love
  11. I don't know what it all meant but I learned so much and regret nothing
  12. I'm happy we exist and I wake up every day happy to continue our adventure -- Soo good