The 5 Stages of Hotline Bling

That can only mean (5) things
  1. Denial
    When you first hear it, you hate it. It's horrible, it's bad... you don't want to hear another second of it.
  2. Anger
    Suddenly, you're so angry at Drake. Because of how... GOOD he is. Hotline Bling isn't that bad... and it makes you so MAD.
  3. Depression
    Now when you aren't listening to Hotline Bling, you need to be constantly singing it or you will be sad and longing for the velvet smoothness of Drake's voice.
  4. Bargaining
    When you're at a party and you DON'T hear Hotline Bling you have to negotiate with the house owner to let you take over the aux cord so you can stop the Fetty Wap and start the Drake.
  5. Acceptance
    You love Hotling Bling. Fucking face it you loser! This is one of Drake's best hits... wait why does Drake have so many hits? Who is this hit-making hip hop robot?