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  1. Teacher
    Who only takes attendance
  2. A professional adult
    Someone who leaves everyday, generally wearing a raincoat, and returns exhausted.
  3. Dancer
    Isadora Duncan was my hero. I really love scarves!! I wonder what happened to her...
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What are the best apps for Instagram?! What you need more than one? YES!
  1. Publish
    Publish to Facebook and Instagram at once. Find out when the best time to publish is. Manually schedule posts.
  2. Layout
    Made my Instagram Layout is super basic and easy to use, letting you crate one image using multiple photos, backgrounds and borders.
  3. WordSwag
    Add text overlays to your photos using a variety of awesome fonts and styles. Create cards for the holidays, images for your blog or website, or promotional photos for Instagram or any of your social networks.
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