(Approx.) 30 Hours in Paris

So, I finally landed in Paris. Stayed for a little more than a day. Describing this city is hard. Immense is a good starting point. There's a lot I didn't do because of time constraints. In other words, I'll be back. Thank you @Lisa_Fav for helping me plan this trip. @list is a treasure trove for Paris travel.
  1. Landed at CDG & headed straight to The Louvre.
    Side note. The immigration officer, the tourism help desk was super helpful. Getting to Louvre wasn't hard at all.
  2. Almost Monday evening.
    Knew the museum would be shut on Tuesday & wanted to see at least the courtyard. I'll be spending hours inside this place & didn't want to rush it. So, didn't go inside.
  3. Tuileries Gardens
    I got a chance to take this picture. Sometimes you're the bird, sometimes..
  4. Place de la Concorde
    Continued on to this amazing square. So much happiness.
  5. Champs-Elysees and Christmas Markets
    Crepes, hot wine, lights. Can I please live here?
  6. Arc de Triomphe
    Can't miss this landmark. I wish I could go top. But..
  7. I walked.
    All the way. Caught some landmarks on the way. Not some, quite a few. Diana's Memorial, Modern Art Museum..
  8. The Eiffel Tower
  9. Pont des Arts
    No love locks, of course. Spent time walking around the city. Le Marais is beautiful. Why would someone stop walking around these streets.
  10. Notre Dame Cathedral
    C'est magnifique.
  11. Pompidou Centre
    Alas, it's a Tuesday. Pretty much like so many other places.
  12. Versailles Chateau
    I couldn't find the end of the queue. That's how long it was. Couldn't enter.
  13. Montmartre
    Just walking around. There's so much to see, so much to do.
  14. Sacre Coeur
    Sunset from the top. Paris looks pretty lighting up. The basilica is amazing. Sat inside for some time.
  15. Moulin Rouge
    Last stop for the day. No show. Just walked down here.
  16. Pere Lachaise Cemetery
    Last stop before boarding the bus to Brussels. Oscar Wilde, Eugene Delacroix, Jim Morrison..