Various ways I regulate mood and energy, listed.
  1. Coffee in the morning, afternoon
  2. Quarter tab of Adderall from the pile I got from a friend who didn't use it during her chemotherapy. (She's fine, by the way)
  3. Red wine
  4. Bourbon
  5. Writing "Currently freaking out about:" at the top of a page and then listing all of the things relevant to that heading, then reading it and feeling slightly better.
  6. Half a tab of the Adderall I made my assistant get for me by telling his doctor that his job "demanded concentration" and that he felt "less than" and "distracted."
  7. White wine
  8. Thinking about cocktail hour
  9. Eating until tired
  10. Re reading flattering emails. (Saved in a special folder in Dropbox)
  11. Making elaborate schedules for future work sessions, rendering the current work session blow-off-able.
  12. Saying "It'll all work out wonderful" aloud to myself in a soothing airline pilot voice.
  13. Metamucil