The Consumer Electronics Show is a gathering of 250k technology business and entrepreneurs who share their vision of the future each year in Las Vegas. And occasionally the group says some rather interesting things.
  1. 'Do you have the patent for these products? No- hmmm. Can I get a few more brochures? '
  2. Did we lose Henry in here yesterday? Has anyone seen him since ?
  3. I should have brought a bigger bag (for demos and swag presumably)
  4. It is just like (product next booth over) just better.
  5. Yes, it comes in black.
  6. Those iFit people dancing around seem to be missing any products on them.
  7. I will have customers, as soon as you buy 10k units.
  8. This section is for Microsoft clients. We do not have any products to show however. Just talking with people.
  9. We integrate with everything. Except Apple. And Android. And also Windows.
  10. BB 8 was really an idea I had years ago. It didn't sell.
  11. Power is the most precious resource in the conference. That and wifi. Ok. Maybe wifi is most precious.
  12. He doesn't know anything about the solution we are selling. He is the founder.