Each has its own route, character, & smell
  1. Purple Line
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    The hipster line, in my opinion. It doesn't run all the time and just goes express when it feels like it. And it goes to Linden- what sort of mythical land is that? Also you can't beat the view of the river after Merch Mart.
  2. Brown Line
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    Still have that River view, but at the cost of getting to where you needed to go 20 minutes later. Slow and steady never won a race Brown Line- haven't you learned that??
  3. Orange Line
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    It at least tries to connect the Southwest side to the city. Major props for getting us to Midway with ease and a beautiful view of the city as we head to Chicago's second best airport.
  4. Green Line
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    It just goes straight west and I respect that.
  5. Pink Line
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    It's above ground so it deserves recognition. I truthfully have never been on the Pink Line, so sorry for not showing it the proper love it may deserve!
  6. Red Line
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    Oh- the most notorious! Who could forget the line that helped segment our city? It's like the least fun and most crowded roller coaster you'll ever be on.
  7. Blue Line
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    The Blue Line goes to very cool neighborhoods and places but at what cost? It smells like someone peed in a bucket and took the time to wipe every surface of ever car with urine.
  8. Yellow Line
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    Why does Skokie get its own line? Do people use this? I'm actually curious. The Southside of the city is largely uncovered but we how Skokie its own float is this parade of public transit?