That I remember off the top of my head
  1. Bj Novak
    He was jogging with a friend on my street in Hollywood, I said "hey, great to meet you boss" and we fist pounded.
  2. Ben Affleck
    On set of Gone Girl
  3. Robin Williams
    In Nashville on set of BLVD.
  4. Chevy Chase
    On set of Community
  5. Joel McHale
    On set of Community and recently a new movie called Futile and Stupid Gestures
  6. Bryan Cranston
    On set of Disaster Artist, Get a Job and Why Him?
  7. Ken Jeong
    On set of Community and at the improv
  8. Will Forte
    On set with Joel McHale on a new movie called Futile and Stupid Gestures
  9. Ed Helms
    On set of the office
  10. Snoop Dogg
    At LAX
  11. Jimmy Kimmel
    I played bass on his show
  12. Pharrell Williams
    I played piano in his music video for the song Freedom
  13. Seth Rogan
    On set of Futureman pilot and Disaster Artist, my 1969 Mercedes was used as a picture car.
  14. Jonah Hill
    On set at Warner brothers studios for the movie Arms and Dudes which I heard is called something else now
  15. Will Arnett
    At starbucks and on set of Flaked
  16. James Franco
    On set of Disaster Artist and Why Him?
  17. Josh Meyers
    Met him a couple times walking my dog, we were neighbors for a year.