Re: The latest "sexism" back and forth with Clintons
  1. At first the exchange was easy to dismiss as provocative and tasteless just like many others over the last months
  2. But when Trump recently said "they are the enemy and this is war" it felt seriously scary and kind of dangerous
  3. I understand how political discourse can get emotional and not sound PC
  4. But what I fear the most from what he has said is that somebody in the audience listening to this will take this statement to heart and in essence try to do real harm to the Clintons or someone on their team
  5. No one has called him on this that I know of and likely no one will
  6. I think many people are in denial about Trump and his agenda and I hope the enemies and war he claims to be in are not taken seriously by some crazy
  7. Hillary better tighten up her Secret Service detail