Many happy memories are food driven
  1. In my early 20's while still skinny and smoking: peanut butter sandwich with chips and choc chip cookies
  2. In my late 20's during French cooking lessons and Julia Child worship: beef bourgignone and Julia's French lasagne
  3. At my mom's 75th birthday in Yountville: dinner at French Laundry
    20 years ago
  4. In my 50's: Outdoor lunch with friends in Buenos Aires on the river with spectacular view of Calatrava bridge drinking gin & tonics prepared at table
  5. As a youngster at Sherwood Forest Camp: Sunday dinner followed by dessert of fresh peaches in a bowl with powdered sugar
  6. 8 years old: Just caught walleye shore lunch at Riverview lodge on Rainy River
  7. Age 50: Fresh mussels in Ireland following cold rainy day of biking
  8. Now I'm hungry so need to go
    Would like to hear others on the subject