If the Hasid's can get away with it so can I and I recommend pre board screening
  1. All children under the age of 16
  2. Anyone bringing smelly fast food onto the plane who will be eating it en route
  3. People who fear flying who I may have to worry about as they sit there white knuckled and ready to throw up at any moment
  4. Vacationers who order cocktails before noon and walk the aisles visiting all their friends
  5. People who look depressed and are possibly suicidal
  6. People who smell like they haven't had a shower in days
  7. Anyone who just returned from Europe and wants to share their photos
  8. High school basketball players who won their out of state tournament and are celebrating on the plane
  9. Strangers who insist on asking insipid questions
    Ex. Are you on your way from or going home?