A random sample
  1. 1963: JFK assassination as it unfolded on TV
    Sent home from 8th grade to sit on the floor in parents bedroom watching and sobbing with mom
  2. American Bandstand with my big sisters
  3. Kookla, Fran & Ollie
    The best hand puppet even before the Muppets
  4. Dallas every Friday night after dinner
    We all loved Crystal
  5. Captain Kangaroo and Mr Greenjeans
    My Dad was a fan
  6. The early coverage of the Presidential debates and the conventions
    I'm old enough to even remember watching Adlai Stevenson!
  7. Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett and Steve Allen
  8. Golf, golf, golf
    Especially Arnie's army
  9. The Minnesota Twins games
    And on radio when really little
  10. Watched the 2000 super bowl with my Dad in the nursing home a few days before he died
  11. Ed Sullivan shows
    Especially the first Beatles appearance and Woody Allen doing stand up