We moved to Sanibel Island recently and I am still adjusting to what I left behind in MN
  1. My friends
    Texting, emailing, talking not quite the same
  2. Walking through town and knowing virtually everyone
  3. The Guthrie Theater
    Still have season tickets just in case
  4. Walker art center
    Especially the sculpture garden with the Frank Gehry fish and Spoonbill & Cherry
  5. Progressive Minnesota politics
    The people who brought you Humphrey, Mondale, Franken & Klobuchar. Florida has Scott & Rubio, will never get used to them.
  6. Lunch Bunxh
    Monthly lunch group with 6 now way over 80 year old women who continue to move & shake in journalism, publishing, politics, art & volunteerism. All my mentors.
  7. Monte Carlo bar & restaurant in downtown Mpls.
    Dark wood, classic bar, private booths, super cold martinis, top notch petit filet & Caesar
  8. The panoramic view of Lake Minnetonka from the bench atop the Broadway hill in Wayzata
  9. Biking on the Dakota Trail
    Miles and miles of rails to trails that runs through lakes, bays and towns. MN has best rails to trails system in the country.
  10. Good doctoring
    Pretty mediocre here in southwest Florida
  11. The skyway
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  12. The U of M tunnel system
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  13. Dinkytown
    Suggested by @ChrisK