1. Kim Davis
    And then hugging with the Pope
  2. Cecile Richards
    In the surreal session with republicans whose only goal is to impale Roe v Wade
  3. The pope everywhere
    And the swag that went with him
  4. Trump trumpeting his incredibly expensive tax plan
    Only he wins
  5. The umpteenth shooting on a quiet unassuming campus
    Oregon! What the hell
  6. The bombing of Homs, Syria by who! Russia?
    What the fuck!
  7. Kevin McCarthy actually saying out loud what the Benghazi investigation is all about
    Oh really and this was a shocker people
  8. Ben Carson Ben Carson Ben Carson
    Does he have a plan Stan?
  9. Biden still indecisive
  10. My mind is reeling
    Not really I'm going to watch Doc Martin