Fun Facts About My Dogs 🐶

  1. Maggie can fly
  2. Charlie can rock a man bun 😎
  3. Play hide and seek
  4. Maggie loves beer
  5. Maggie will destroy anything and everything even with a cone on 🦁
  6. They give the best yawns
  7. Hide in the shower on Halloween
  8. Perch like a billy goat
  9. Charlie can get away with murder "wasn't me 🐶"
  10. Maggie loves a good Ugg boot in the morning
  11. Sleep together by the front door
  12. "Wanna go for a car ride?"
  13. Love a good cuddle
  14. Charlie loves the fresh air
  15. Charlie loves belly hangs
  16. Charlie swims all year round
  17. Love hiking and getting dirty
  18. Charlie loves the beach