When It Is All About the Dress

Most talked about Oscar dresses
  1. Cher 1986
    Can't think Cher without thinking Bob Mackie
  2. Demi Moore 1989
    It's like the designer referenced Elaine dancing and made it into a dress....
  3. Sharon Stone 1998
    Sometimes it's about the shirt.....critics couldn't get over the white Gap shirt with Vera Wang skirt...personally I love this look
  4. Celine Dion 1999
    No comment needed
  5. Angelina Jolie 2000
    Sometimes it's about your date.....
  6. Bjork 2001
    In our mind this is what we picture when we hear the word "Swan" quickly followed by "stop looking at me swan" unrelated but both memorable swan moments.
  7. Kate Hudson 2001
    This one hurt...my fave designer and actress....I still just don't get it....
  8. The gold card dress. I believe this was a costume designer. This dress has always stayed on my mind.
    Suggested by   @vancityjilly