1. 1 REGRET: That, at my sister's wedding a couple years ago, I didn't ask Uma the Bridesmaid back to my room for a drink.
    "But you don't drink." "That's sort of what I mean." (I also regret this sub-Sorkin dialogue is my fantasy of how it would happen.) I didn't want to be That Guy, and instead we lost our momentum. "Uma" and I explored Powell's Books in Portland together the next day, but by then it was irretrievable.
  2. 1 MOMENT OF PRIDE: being known for movie trivia to the point that my trivia teammates can usually just hand me the sheet and I'll take care of it.
    Usually. Ahem.
  3. 1 GOAL: To be a Recommended lister within a year.
    I have no control over this process. And yet.
  4. 1 DREAM:
  5. I am in bed. Laying on my back, though I usually sleep on my side. I am tucked into the covers. I breathe in and the covers tighten around me. Also with each inhale, I seem to shrink, or maybe I'm the same size and whiteness expands around me. I can't turn my head but I realize the white space is the ceiling. I am upside down, trapped.
    When I wake up, I have a cold. I have this dream once a year.
  6. 1 FANTASY: Time-travel back to the 60s and make exploitation movies for Roger Corman.
  7. Thanks for the request, @dad3 !