1. (If it's any consolation, I can only make these lists for 26.25 more hours. 💋)
  2. 1 )"The Steve Miller Band once referred to Aunt Lucy as 'the best little cake baker this side of the Mississippi.' Whose Aunt are they refering to? First and last name please."
    Recording engineer Wayne Moss, people! (Also played session guitar on their album Number 5) (Wayne Moss' - but NOT Steve Miller's - wiki page)
  3. 2 ) "A MN elected official's name was mentioned in a newspaper on the counter in the office of the logging camp at the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids. What is the name of the newspaper and F/L name of the official."
    The Forest Center phone was WAY busy. Answer: Grand Rapids Herald Review; John Lind. (Cross-reffed MN pols and Grand Rapids newspapers)