1. So, I have a blog where I review movies as the actor Lee Marvin
    The idea is, Marvin was a man of few words. I love film criticism but I don't have the patience for plot summaries. The two things together make:
  2. Stray Thoughts from a Parody of Lee Marvin
  3. Today I put up a new review, where Lee watches the old Don Knotts movie the Ghost & Mr. Chicken.
  4. It's an occasional thing, like how you always get the turkey sandwich, but every so often it's like, "hey, ham sandwich."
  5. Stray Thoughts from a Parody of Lee Marvin is my ham sandwich.
    At a certain point the analogy breaks down, kosher etc, do you really want to be the kind of blog that excludes people, but all are welcome to bask in the musings of one of the great screen stars.
  6. Giphy
    Thanks for indulging my self-shout. I hope you enjoy it.