A Look Inside My First Japan Crate Monthly Subscription Box

  1. For my recent birthday, my sister gifted me a subscription to Japan Crate, a monthly selection of candies from Japan.
    My family knows me well, and enables my sweet tooth.
  2. I've done Nature Box in the past, but lost interest quickly.
    You wait a month for something you finish in three days, then wait a month.
  3. But my first crate arrived this week.
    And I knew I was ready to love again. The deets:
  4. Usuyaki: Tastes like a lighter, crispier E.L. Fudge.
    Could have killed an entire box. The low key winner.
  5. Puchi Konpeito: These little rock-candy bombs were literally refreshing - a Sprite in solid form - but a little goes a long way.
    More than a couple at a time was too sweet.
  6. Natsukashi Ramune: These pellets were like Spree but more powdery.
    They melted on my tongue, which was very satisfying.
  7. Recommended dosage.
  8. Sittori Matcha Green Tea puffs
    Tastes very similar to a Starbucks Green Tea Latte, with a lightly crunchy, Cheez Puff-like consistency. Creamy first impression, a bitter aftertaste I got used to after a few puffs. Ate all of them prior to the photo shoot.
  9. Moguchuu, or "The Starburst-esque"
    A faint, vaguely strawberry flavor. Like the crate as a whole, more about texture than taste.
  10. There's a manga inside
  11. In this issue, Anko and the Justice Crusader have to find Anko's grandfather.
  12. The keys unlock the answers!
    Justice Crusader never eats pizza during the story. #coverlies
  13. But there's more: a showcase of the different candies available through Japan Crate.
  14. And a little section on what's happening in Japan in August.
    Studio Ghibli Exhibition! Peak cicada season!
  15. Kind of a wild concept: boil an entire country's month down to a two-page spread fit for an in-flight magazine.
  16. America in August:
    "Trump is either cratering or getting stronger than ever, too early to call! Olympics!"
  17. So that's all she wrote, Japan Crate-wise. They're a fun, left-field subscription box.
    I'm not aware that any of this stuff is otherwise available in the U.S. If you're curious about other nations' candy, get on it.