Requested by Chrissy

A Look Inside My Second Japan Crate Monthly Subscription Box, or Why I'm Salty

Thanks for prodding me on this one, @marginally_amazing ! Hopefully people will still get the September references.
  1. For September, Japan Crate switched things up.
  2. There were a couple sweet options, like these bland shelled chocolates, Kagikko Choco.
    I give them 2 out of 9.
  3. And from this packaging, I was ready for one of those flavor straws.
  4. But it's gum, guys.
    Soda Gum, to be specific. A pretty intense grapefruit taste for about a minute, and then you're chewing spackle.
  5. My heart was with the savory selections.
    Like these potato chips, a unique flavor I couldn't place. The catalog says "Black Pepper", but that hardly does them justice. Good thing this was just vending-machine size. I would destroy a big bag.
  6. And these puff corn deals, Lucky Corn Puffs, just a toe over the sweet/salty divide.
    The real selling point here is the light glaze. Just enough sweetness.
  7. Vol. 15 of the Japan Crate Manga-Zine celebrates JC's 2nd anniversary.
  8. This month the Manga is an RPG Adventure
    They always work the contents of that month's crate into the story. Here, Anko and JC save a group of lucky corn fairies, who award them with a candy key. #whatsinyourwallet
  9. A wounded familiar in the forest!
  10. JC knows of "a tree made from pure sugar with cotton candy for leaves. People who were ill could find a cure within its branches."
    slow down
  11. Here's what's going on in Japan this, er, last month.
    A historical Japanese fashion festival in Kyoto, and the Tokyo Game Show (the ComiCon of video games, sounds like) happened in Chiba.
  12. The language section could be the most helpful in the long run.
  13. Also, there's this guy.
    hey buddy. (He's an Amuse Pote Usa bunny.)
  14. This past month was all about the sodium, as far as Japan Crate and I are concerned. #2 was a bit of a comedown, but it's still a treat to find that red box at my door.
    Until next, er later this, month, 👋🏻🇯🇵📦