Inspired by you all this weekend. I won't say, in all cases: best/favorite/good. But a movie that's important to me for each year. Pack a lunch . . .
  1. 1975: Barry Lyndon
    A lot of classics came out in '75. Jaws, Dog Day Afternoon, Nashville, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest were all nominated for best picture along with Barry Lyndon. But Barry Lyndon made me work for it.
  2. 1976: Taxi Driver
  3. 1977: Saint Jack
    Eraserhead, Slap Shot, you were thisclose . . .
  4. 1978: Halloween
    Didn't see you there.
  5. 1979: Real Life
    Ever see a movie that wasn't funny the first time, but by the 6th was the best comedy produced during your life?
  6. 1980: The Shining
  7. 1981: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    My first movie.
  8. 1982: The King of Comedy
  9. 1983: Trading Places
    One of my old trivia teams was called Feeling Good Louis.
  10. 1984: Blood Simple
    Still my favorite Coen Bros.
  11. 1985: After Hours
  12. 1986: Blue Velvet
  13. 1987: Robocop
  14. 1988: Married to the Mob
  15. 1989: Lethal Weapon 2
    This was a GREAT movie summer. Tim Burton's BATMAN, INDIANA JONES & THE LAST CRUSADE, WHEN HARY MET SALLY, FRIDAY THE 13th VIII: JASON TAKES MANHATTAN, I saw them all. My friend and I would ride our bikes to the movie theater and sneak into the R-rated ones. It's not that great a movie in retrospect, but I was sitting in LW2 when I had a vivid realization that I loved movies, and wanted to be part of making them somehow.
  16. 1990: Goodfellas
  17. 1991: The Doors
    I'd love to put SILENCE OF THE LAMBS or JFK here, but if I'm being real, to me and my high school friends, THE DOORS was THE movie at the time. Today it seems deeply silly despite stunning Robert Richardson photography and an uncanny Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison.
  18. 1992: Reservoir Dogs
    More than any other time/movie pairing - even childhood and STAR WARS - Quentin Tarantino and the end of high school into college are essentially linked. I can't imagine this period of my life without Quentin Tarantino's movies.
  19. 1993: True Romance
  20. 1994: Pulp Fiction
  21. 1995: Se7en
    Honorable mention: To Die For, Usual Suspects
  22. 1996: Bottle Rocket
  23. 1997: Boogie Nights
  24. 1998: Out of Sight
    Apologies to Thin Red Line, Saving Private Ryan, Rushmore . . . I tried.
  25. 1999: Being John Malkovich
    A brutal pick, beating out The Limey, Magnolia, Election, Notting Hill, Three Kings, and Fight Club.
  26. 2000: In the Mood for Love
  27. 2001: Royal Tenenbaums
    "It's just a bunch of kids in animal costumes."
  28. 2002: CQ
    My co-favorite movie. (The other is 1966's BLOW-UP.)
  29. 2003: Kill Bill Vol. 1
  30. 2004: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  31. 2005: Me and You and Everyone We Know
  32. 2006: Crank
    The best action movie between Robocop and Mad Max: Fury Road, Crank embodies and mocks the 20-year-old core male audience for action films.
  33. 2007: Zodiac
    Another tough call in another top movie year. It's not a serial killer movie. It's a movie about obsession and acceptance.
  34. 2008: In Bruges
  35. 2009: The Social Network
  36. 2010: Greenberg
    Roger Greenberg is more like me than any other movie character.
  37. 2011: Moneyball
  38. 2012: Beyond the Black Rainbo
    Words fail me. If you had a nightmare that was an 80s horror movie. There. Leavin' it.
  39. 2013: Her
  40. 2014: The Grand Budapest Hotel
  41. 2015: Mistress America
  42. 2016: Hail, Caesar