B. Tries the Weird Oatmeals

  1. So I was at Target the other day.
    Through a Faustian pact with the big conglomerates, Target gets exclusives on unique versions of our favorite junky foodstuffs. Usually it's a new Oreo or Ben & Jerry's flavor.
  2. But this time, I found a Quaker oatmeal variant that could not be denied.
    In all the craziness of 2016, I had missed the Bring Your Best Bowl® Finals! Quaker apparently came up with these flavors in the lab as a dare, and invite you to go to their website and vote for your favorite. A taste test was in order.
  3. The three finalists were Lemon Ricotta Pancake, Vanilla Chai, and (gulp) Apple Cheddar Rosemary.
  4. Day 1: Lemon Ricotta Pancake
  5. I've always resented the Quaker Instant set-up of using the oatmeal packet to add the water.
    I can like, measure 2/3s of a cup of something, Quaker. Or more. Or less. Throw me that curveball.
  6. But I used the packet for water so all conditions could be the same. However, I reflexively added dried blueberries.
    I didn't even realize until they were in the mix. Dried blueberries are my go-to oatmeal addition, along with vanilla almond milk. And it was good, I guess? All lemon foods taste like Pledge, so there's that. I had expected the pancake aspect to be absent (how could that be reproduced? Would I want it to be?), no surprises there either. But the ricotta was also undetectable. The blueberry really messed things up. I knew I'd need another go at LRP.
  7. Day 2: Apple Cheddar Rosemary
    Always structure hope into an experiment. By doing the grossest flavor second, I had something to look forward to later.
  8. The dry mix smells like Kraft Mac & Cheese. Out of the microwave, the finished product smells like weak apple pie. Not in love with the green flecks.
    But! It was a sweet/savory surprise. Sort of reminds me of an Indian dish. I'm going to try to make a homemade version of this same idea. It could almost (almost) work as a dinner option. Again I added dried fruit - raisins this time - which suited it quite well (didn't get a pic).
  9. Day 3: Vanilla Chai
  10. You've had Chai, you've had this.
    It's like how all strawberry candy tastes like Strawberry Quick, which is delicious for Strawberry Quick but not for the candy. And the vanilla vanishes.
  11. Day 4: LRP Comes Back
    In the spirit of fairness, I wanted to make Lemon Ricotta Pancake without any additions. But again, I could only taste the strong lemon flavor and oatmeal texture, two things that on second try clearly haven't been paired up to now for a reason.
  12. So I added back some dried blueberries, and since I was out, raisins.
    Pictured here with Red Velvet Kit Kat's, which I also got at Target that day, and also won't get again.
  13. This has been another edition of B. Tries The